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Qualitas NDT offers services for various fields of industry and engineering workshops around Finland, and installation supervision and production control services abroad.  


One of our goals is to continuously develop our services in a customer-oriented manner. We are always ready to take on new challenges!


Thermal camera scanning can be used to identify heat leaks in a building, locate heating cables and piping, and inspect electrical connections.

The method is also suitable for preventive maintenance to identify wear and tear in bearings, faulty connections in electric cabinets and couplings, or other heat-creating deviations in the process.

Thermal camera scanning can be used to located higher-than-normal temperatures everywhere, provided that they differ from the temperature of the environment.

A non-destructive testing (NDT) method to examine internal defects in welds or base material. Ultrasonic testing can also be used to examine surface flaws and cracks.

Ultrasonic testing is mainly used to inspect through welds, but it is suitable for the inspection of all weld types.

The inspection area must be cleansed of all spatter, slag, rust and dust.

Either glue-free cellulose-based paste or gel is used as a couplant.

Our special expertise includes the ultrasonic inspection of supporting rings and shafts of lime kilns.

Our services also include phased ultrasound, manual and mechanized inspection, and TOFD inspection.

A non-destructive testing method for inspecting the internal defects of welds or base materials. It is most commonly used in inspecting pipelines and material thicknesses of <50 mm.

The inspection area must be cleansed of all spatter, slag and impurities.

For reasons of radiation safety, the area around the test object must be cleared of people as defined by the testing personnel, which means that X-ray testing may affects the client’s other production processes.

Our services also include digital radiography. 

A non-destructive testing method for inspecting the surface defects of welds and base materials in ferrous (magnetic) materials.

Magnetic powder testing is a rapid, commonly used method for inspecting fillet welds in ferrous steels grades.

The inspection area must be cleansed of all spatter, slag, rust and dust.

The maximum colour coating thickness on the surface is 50µm (0.05 mm).

A non-destructive testing method for inspecting the surface defects of welds and base materials. Liquid penetration testing is most commonly used in austenitic (non-magnetic) steel grades. It can also be used for testing ferrous steel grades, but it takes more time and it is therefore more expensive.

The inspection area must be cleansed of all spatter, slag, rust, dust and grease.

Best suited for smooth, non-sandblasted surfaces.

A non-destructive testing method for visually inspecting welds or base materials. The shape, possible defects and size of the weld are visually inspected to verify its compliance with requirements.

Visual inspection is the most commonly used non-destructive testing method. Thanks to the minor requirement for special tools, it is also inexpensive.

Good access to various sites can be ensured using cameras and endoscopes, for example.

Measurement is performed on a dry film, and thicknesses of multiple layers can be measured after they have been cured. We can also define colour coating conditions and the surface roughness of coated areas.

Measure testing is carried out using manual tools (metric measures, try squares, line indicators, etc.), basic lasers and levelling instruments.

Measure testing is a method for creating concrete cost savings to clients in terms of less or no need for repairing on site.

Leak testing is used to find leakages in welds using the pressure difference in opposite surfaces. Pressurised air can be used to find leakages in sealed structures, whereas a vacuum box is used to create pressure difference needed to test unsealed structures.

  • Installation supervision
  • Surface treatment inspections
  • Welder qualification test supervision and inspection
  • Certified surface treatment inspection
  • Fire protection coating inspection
  • Production supervision
  • Visual testing 3 services
  • Vacuum box testing
  • Container testing

You'll find our skilled Level 3 experts in the following NDT methods

(SFS-EN ISO 9712)

  • MT3
  • PT3
  • VT3
  • UT3


  • MT3
  • PT3
  • UT3

Finding cracks in painted welded structures without removing the paint.
Surface inspections for objects where inspection chemicals cannot be used.
Inspection of heat exchanger pipes (stainless steels, titanium and many others (ask for more information).